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Our Values

Fraternity & Sorority Life exists to enhance the collegiate experience through leadership, scholarship, service, and social development. Fraternity & Sorority Life will also serve to educate on the positive nature and goals of Greek Life, while building unity through the creation of strong and lasting relationships. These standards shall promote personal and civic responsibilities as well as give back to the university and surrounding community.

We value...

  • Scholarship
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Friendship
  • Commitment to Social Justice


The leadership opportunities and training within a fraternity or sorority help to prepare its members for the future by developing responsibility and character. Having a leadership position can create skills and oppurtunities that will benefit one's career. Participating in Greek groups provides students with several chances to enhance their leadership abilities. Greek organizations serve as testing grounds for leadership concepts in addition to offering leadership training. Every member takes an active part in decision-making, mentors and inspires students to use their leadership abilities in the chapters and on campus. Leaders of numerous significant UCM campus organizations are Greek.


The scholarship focus and emphasis on academic excellence encourages members to realize their purpose for attending the university — to achieve higher education and to become more knowledgeable about scholarly subjects and the world around them. FSL community implements study hours with their fellow chapter members and creates a rigoruous enviornment to succeed scholarly. Academic support programs are provided by each Greek organization. These include grade point requirements, study skills courses, tutoring programs, national and local scholarships and grants, incentives, and awards.


The service shown to the campus or community through direct volunteer and philanthropic contributions humbles fraternity or sorority members. It also strengthens a sense of accomplishing something for the good of others. Greek life includes a significant component of community service. By recognizing the needs of others, community service fosters character development. Both individually and collectively, Greek groups engage in a range of charitable endeavors, including teaching young people, planning fundraisers and competitions, and running community service projects.


The lifelong bonds of friendship created within a fraternity or sorority help to keep its members unified in achieving a common goal. The friendships that last a lifetime are often the most significant aspect of Greek life for many people. Members' self-designation as "brother" and "sister" illustrates the sense of familial support that these communities offer. Greek women and men discover that a sorority or fraternity offers a place to feel at home and comfortable in this frequently stressful educational setting.