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UC Merced fraternity group photo
Join a Social Fraternity!
Make life-long friends in Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi, Omega Delta Phi, Pi Kappa Phi, Pi Lambda Phi, or Sigma Tau Gamma!
UC Merced professional fraternity group photo
Join a Professional Fraternity!
Develop alongside friends in Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Epsilon Mu, Delta Sigma Pi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Alpha Delta, or Theta Tau!
UC Merced sorority group photo
Join a Sorority!
Come grow as members of Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Inc., Phi Mu, and Sigma Theta Psi.
2017 PFC Chapter of the Year
Phi Delta Epsilon was selected as the Professional Fraternity Council Chapter of the Year at the 2017 Leadership Awards.
2017 FSC Chapter of the Year
Kappa Sigma was selected as the Fraternity and Sorority Council Chapter of the Year at the 2017 Leadership Awards.



UC Merced Fraternity and Sorority group photo in front of Beginnings Statue

Want to learn more about Fraternity and Sorority Life at UC Merced?

UC Merced provides a wide range of academic, social and community service activities. Fraternity or sorority membership is a good first step toward enjoying all the benefits college life has to offer. A fraternity/sorority is also a way to make the campus feel more like a home.

With more than18 percent of undergraduate students affiliated, fraternities and sororities collectively constitute one of the largest student groups on campus. Membership is about traditions, learning valuable lessons and establishing life-long friendships.

Learn more about how to join.

The Four Values of Fraternity and Sorority Life at UC Merced:

Leadership: The leadership opportunities and training within a fraternity or sorority help to prepare its members for the future by developing responsibility and character.

Scholarship: The scholarship focus and emphasis on academic excellence encourages members to realize their purpose for attending UC Merced — to achieve higher education and to become more knowledgeable about scholarly subjects and the world around them.

Service: The service shown to the campus or community through direct volunteer and philanthropic contributions is humbling for fraternity and sorority members. It strengthens a sense of accomplishing something for the good of others.

Friendship: The lifelong bonds of friendship created within a fraternity and sorority help to keep its members unified in achieving a common goal.